‘Westworld’ producers reveal all the clues you should be looking out for

Image via Binge

Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to Westworld and its impossibly complex narrative. In fact, not only are there breadcrumbs all over every episode hinting at the story’s overarching narrative, it seems that the creators have extended that courtesy to the trailers as well.

To celebrate the premiere of season 4 on HBO, executive producers Lisa Joy and Alison Schapker hinted at some of the Easter eggs they’ve hidden away across the ongoing run in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter. For instance, the tower featured in the new opening credits could be hinting at something major, but that’s not where the trail ends.

According to Schapker, the Lou Reed song featured in the first teaser trailer for season 4 can give you a lot of fuel for speculation and fan theories.

“I don’t think it’s a mistake that Jonah and Lisa chose the Lou Reed song ‘Perfect Day’ for the teaser and that it ends with ‘You reap what you sow.’ In so many ways, we leave footprints, and we have consequences to our actions that we can’t foresee. I think the same is true of artificial intelligence. We really do need to be talking about it because the unforeseen consequences could have such high stakes.”

Schapker and Joy also revealed another interesting clue involving all the flies you see buzzing around in season 4 and its promo content.

“Flies are going to figure into the season. Also, that image at the end like a fly’s eye — all pearl-like with like people on the inside — is important.”

Not that we can distinguish anything remotely resembling a sensical structure from these breadcrumbs, mind you, but this is where the beauty of internet fandoms comes into play. Let the fan theories gush forth!