WGTC’s Monroe Pop Fest 2019 Recap And Gallery

Harley Deathstroke

This past Saturday, I was counted among the many who made their way to MBT Expo Center for the latest extravaganza put on by The Monroe Pop Fest (formerly Monroe Comic-Con). Even though I’m no stranger to covering events in the state of Michigan, this was actually only my second time attending this particular one. I was able to stay for only a fraction of the day on the previous occasion, so I was doubly excited knowing I would be hanging around for the entire day this time.

If you’re also from the Metro Detroit area or live in its vicinity, then you’ve probably at least attended the bigger shows like Motor City Comic Con, Michigan Comic Convention or Youmacon. Should you not be familiar with Gary Pillette’s contribution to the geek scene, you really ought to add it to your schedule going forward.

Basically, The Monroe Pop Fest is like a large event in microcosm. You’re guaranteed to meet notable media guests and comic book creators, as well as being able to browse booths set up by a variety of vendors. In other words, it’s a smaller con with the same feel of a big one, and that’s what makes it worth your while. Hey, I’m still quite elated over how I was able to acquire some collectibles for which I’d been searching for weeks, months and even years.

Speaking of the media guests, I must say that it was thrilling to not only meet Tyler Mane (Halloween, X-Men) for the third time, but to also finally interview him as well. Yes, that’s yet another Michael Myers actor to speak exclusively with We Got This Covered during this calendar year, so rest assured that you can look forward to reading that soon enough.

In addition to Mane, Amber Nash (Archer), Steve Cardenas (Power Rangers), Ming Chen (Comic Book Men) and WWE Superstar Barbie Blank AKA Kelly Kelly were there to greet the public. The latter two were kind enough to pose for pictures to be included in the accompanying gallery, so be sure to check out those in addition to some choice cosplayers and other sights from around the showroom floor.

Being one to appreciate the people who create the comic books which bring us all together in the first place, I’d be remiss if not to mention a few of them before getting out of here. Some of the living legends on hand included Arvell Jones (Iron Man, Thor) and the creator of The Crow himself, James O’Barr. Plus, there were local talents such as Brian E. Lau (Staunch Ambition, Inferno City Firehouse) and Source Point Press authors David C. Hayes and Kasey Pierce. Big thanks once again go to Jason Moore (Batman: Haunted Gotham, The Dead) for completing his second sketch cover for me this summer, this time immortalizing my Joker cosplay in comic form.

One more thing I’d like to talk about was the truck belonging to the Leviathan Group parked out front. I didn’t venture inside until later in the day, but I’m glad I did because it was loaded with authentic and replica movie props. Some of those pictured above include stuff from movies like Thor: Ragnarok, Captain America: Civil War, Batman Forever, Suicide Squad and John Wick: Chapter 2 that were all the real deal. As a bonus, I was able to hold both Will Smith’s gun and Margot Robbie’s bat used in Task Force X’s onscreen adventure.

Having said all that, I’m actually even more pumped to revisit The Monroe Pop Fest than I was the first time around. If you’d like to do likewise, then clear your calendar for Saturday, September 19th, 2020, because that’s when it’s set to go down again.