What is the ‘piggy dipping at the piggy pond’ sound on TikTok?


The nature of TikTok sounds means that they can quickly escape their original context, leaving those who find them via a later video confused about what the sound actually means and where it comes from. 

The “piggy dipping at the piggy pond” sound is the prime example of this, as while many TikTok users have heard the sound, those who don’t know its origins are likely very confused by it. 

What is the “piggy dipping at the piggy pond” sound?

The “piggy dipping at the piggy pond” sound features a woman with a strong accent saying:

Piggy dipping. Piggy Dipping at the piggy pond. Nah, you a sausage swimming in the water bowl. You dip dem fat little toes in there.

The very memorable way the speaker delivers this adorable statement has caught the internet’s imagination, leading to others reusing and referencing the sound in other videos.

Where does the “piggy dipping at the piggy pond” sound originate?

The sound originates in a video posted by TikTok user missus.weeb. The video sees missus.weeb following her cat, Cleo, around the house. While drinking from her water bowl, Cleo dipped her paw into the bowl, causing her to leave a trail of wet pawprints in her wake. 

As they follow Cleo, missus.weeb says the lines that make up the now infamous sound. 


she’s dippin dem piggies in da wata #fypシ #cats

♬ original sound – ace

The video was first posted on December 25, 2021, and it quickly went viral, racking up over 8 million views, 1.4 million likes, and 10,000 comments. Many of these comments praise both missus. weeb’s delivery of the piggy-dipping line as well as Cleo’s cuteness. 

In a DM conversation with the website Mashable, missus.weeb responded to their fame by saying: 

I absolutely adore the fact that people are loving Cleo like this, Cleo has been piggy dippin ever since I adopted her, and now everyone else gets to join in on the happiness she brings me! Cleo is truly an icon, so the fame suits her.

What have other users created with the “piggy dipping at the piggy pond” sound?

Currently, over 3,600 videos are using the viral sound. That includes people creating art pieces based on the now-viral lines. 

Many other users have used the sound to show their own cats indulging in this water-dipping behavior. 


dip dem fat lil toes in der

♬ original sound – ace