Who is Addison Rae’s boyfriend?

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Now that Addison Rae has established herself as the TikTok starlet of this generation to follow, more people than ever are curious about her personal life. These days, she has over 40.1 million followers on Instagram and over 85.9 million followers on TikTok. She launched her social media profiles in 2019 and quickly reached the same levels of success as other social media stars like Charli D’Amelio and Tana Mongeau. She was named the highest-paid TikTok personality in the world in 2020 after having pulled in $5 million in pretax earnings. The bulk of her money comes from production deals, merchandise, sponsorships, and now, she’s even ventured into the worlds of acting and singing.

In 2021, Rae starred in the movie He’s All That on Netflix. The movie was created as a reboot of the 1999 classic film She’s All That with a gender-swapping modernized version of the script. 2021 is also the year Rae released her first song. Her debut single “Obsessed” now has over 24 million views on YouTube. Because of everything she’s got going on in life, she currently has a net worth of $8 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Rae has a lot to offer which means her current boyfriend should feel super lucky. Here’s what you should know about her new man Omer Fedi.

What’s the deal with Omer Fedi? 

Rae’s new boyfriend Omer Fedi is most likely super proud to be in a relationship with such a gorgeous TikTok starlet. They aren’t shy when it comes to posting pictures with each other on social media – and he’s not shy when it comes to painting his nails and dying his hair bright colors. He’s originally from Tel Aviv, But these days he’s residing in the Los Angeles area. The 21-year-old relocated to Southern California at the age of 16 with his father. As a child, he grew up witnessing his father’s prominence and popularity in Israel. His dad was one of the most accomplished and well-respected drummers there. Because of his dad‘s interest in music, Fedi became interested in music at a young age himself.

About Omer Fedi’s musical interests

He started listening to the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and knew pretty early he wanted to be a musician. In 2020, Fedi signed with Universal Music Publishing Group to work with some of the biggest stars in the industry. His position with the company is something other musicians his age can only dream of. He considers himself a self-proclaimed “Grammy-nominated loser” since his projects haven’t taken him to the next level just yet.

Which famous stars does Omer Fedi know?

Some of the famous stars Fedi’s worked with over the course of his career include Machine Gun Kelly, Justin Bieber, The Kid Laroi, Lil Nas X, Ella Mai, YUNGBLUD, and Travis Barker. When he was only 20 years old, Fedi hit the stage with Miley Cyrus to perform on an episode of Saturday Night Live – which is a big deal for an up-and-coming artist. According to Rae’s mother, her family gives the relationship a total seal of approval. Her mom Sheri Nicole wrote on Instagram, “He’s truly a wonderful amazing person and he makes your soul shine. Love him.” She was sure to add a red heart emoji to the statement.

They support each other on social media

Showing Rae love on social media is something Fedi is super comfortable with also. When He’s All That was in the number one spot on Netflix and his song with Justin Bieber called “Stay” was sitting at the number one spot on Billboards Hot 100 Chart, he posted the comparison picture of their highlights. He wrote, “Me and my baby are both number one at the moment. I’m so so so proud of her.” Paparazzi has spotted him spending time together all over Los Angeles from ice cream dates to beach dates. According to Rae’s Twitter account, she’s fully in love with Fedi. She tweeted, “I love being in love” on November 16, 2021.

Who did Addison Rae date before Omar Fedi?


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Rae’s relationship with Fedi isn’t her first time being head over heels a partner. Her relationship history is also pretty intriguing to dive into. From 2014 to 2018, she was in a relationship with a mystery man who no one knows much about. All we know is that the guy she dated next, Bryce Hall, talked about her five-year-long relationship saying, “Honestly, I was just trying to kiss her. She got out of a five-year relationship so I didn’t think it was possible.” The public doesn’t know who Hall was referring to at the time, but we do know that she started dating Hall right after he made that comment.

More about Addison Rae’s love life

Rae and Hall were together from 2019 to 2020, and it was a TikTok gold mine for the young couple. They were constantly creating content together for their followers and coming together to build more personal clout with each other’s help. She was part of The Hype House and he was part of The Sway House, yet they still made it work and helped each other become more famous. They took to Twitter to announce their breakup in August 2020 but revealed in interviews that they were still friendly with each other. In September 2020, Rae was linked to another TikToker named Troy Zarba. Rumors about the couple were never confirmed, but Hall did post a shady comment about how fast she was moving on via Twitter. The shade in his comment was enough to land her back in his arms from November 2020 to March 2021.

What else happened before Addison Rae started dating Omer Fedi?

Rae and Hall’s romantic reunion didn’t last long and pretty soon, they were both referring to themselves as single once again. In April 2021, rumors about Rae and Jack Harlow started making their rounds for a hot second. They were spotted together at the Triller Fight Club Boxing Match in Atlanta! Even though she reiterated the fact that she was single on Twitter that month, fans were still quick to assume something between her and Harlow was definitely going on. These days, her relationship with Fedi is what’s taking up most of her time… and she seems to be just fine with that.