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Who is @YungSweetRo, the woman claiming Travis Scott Cheated on Kylie Jenner with her? Travis Scott Cheating Rumors, Explained

Is Kylie actually the other woman?

Travis Scott
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Travis Scott is currently embroiled in a cheating scandal amid rumors he was unfaithful to Kylie Jenner. The rapper recently took to his Instagram story to shut down the rumors, inadvertently drawing more attention to the alleged infidelity.

It all started when an Instagram user known as @YungSweetRo, real name Rojean Kar, posted a behind-the-scenes picture of a music video set that featured the rapper in the background. The video, cheekily captioned “I’m directing obvi,” incited speculation that the two were involved. Scott quickly attempted to quiet the rumors, going so far as to deny even knowing Kar. The model fired back, saying she’s known Scott for years and that she has pictures and videos of the two together as proof of their relationship.

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Long-time followers of the rapper may remember that Scott was previously accused of infidelity in 2019 with this very same woman. She’s not a new name in the drama, so who exactly is @YungSweetRo?

Who is Rojean Kar?

Rojean Kar is a model with nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram where she posts pictures of her outfits and travels. To casual Travis Scott fans, she might be an unfamiliar face, but Kar is believed to have been in the rapper’s circle for years. Rumors of a relationship between Kar and Scott first surfaced in 2019 when he canceled an Astroworld performance at the last minute; the rapper claimed it was because he was sick, but TMZ alleged that he was flying back home to Kylie after she found evidence of his infidelity. Twitter users at the time played detective and linked Kar to the situation, citing incriminating Instagram posts but, for what it’s worth, both Kar and Scott denied they had been a couple.

Do they even know each other?

Given that they were at the very least linked through this initial drama, many find it hard to believe Scott’s claims that he’s never heard of Kar. Social media users have been skeptical of his denial regarding the situation and quickly unearthed an extensive timeline of the duo’s alleged relationship on celeb deep dives (warning: this is a LONG read but worthwhile if you really like drama) that alleges the two have known each other since 2011 at the earliest. The evidence is pretty suspicious; the two would post on Instagram from the same locations with similar caption, and Kar appears to be backstage at several of Scott’s shows pre-Kylie and even knows song lyrics before the rapper releases them officially. A TikTok explaining Kar’s alleged connection to Scott went viral after Scott’s denial, leading to even more skepticism.

While it seems pretty clear the two know each other on some level, TikTok user @YungSweetRoBigFaker went viral for videos seemingly debunking Kar’s involvement with the rapper. They question why there aren’t any clear photos of the two together and claim a picture believed to be of the pair is Kar with another man; Scott had a fairly prominent neck tattoo at the time and the man in the photo doesn’t seem to have a visible neck tattoo. More evidence is also called into question; Kar was believed to have gone to Ye’s Sunday Service with Scott, but actually went with artist Chaundon. @YungSweetRoBigFaker alleges that Kar photoshopped pictures and posts similar content as the rapper to falsely convince people that she has a relationship with him.


Replying to @denisepaulson1 Pt. 7 @Yungsweetro is a fake debunks YungsweetRo’s claims of her seemingly having a relationship with Travis Scott

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Kar responded to the gossip through her Instagram story, saying she “never perpetuated any narrative. I never said I’m currently with him or have recently been with him”. She went on to say that Scott’s denying knowing her was “hurtful”, and that as a “regular person with a real career and family” harmful speculation is unwelcome. The model refuted claims that she was faking her relationship with the rapper by saying the circulating tweets and images were photoshopped and were not posted by her. According to Kar, she has no reason to post clearer proof as she has “nothing to prove, him deleting all his posts as soon as i posted an inconspicuous screenshot speaks for itself.”

While we may never know the true relationship between Kar and Scott (or even if there is one), we do know the situation is a mess, albeit an entertaining one.

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