Writer Tom King Assures Us That Batman #50 Is Not The End Of The Story


Having already written a handful of news stories pertaining to DC’s decision to spoil this week’s release of Batman #50 – which had been advertised as containing the Dark Knight’s wedding to Catwoman, mind you – I’ve seen the controversy examined from a variety of angles. Whether it be outraged readers, the New York Times writer who spoiled the book, or DC themselves, everybody has had their chance to chime in.

Lost in this mess is the man who penned the anniversary issue itself, that being Tom King. Already, we’ve learned that he wasn’t all that pleased upon finding out the cat had been let out of the bag just days before release. All things considered, I must sympathize for the guy because he obviously wanted everyone’s reading experience to remain full of surprises, right up until the final page.

Again taking to Twitter though, the scribe assured us all of how Batman #50 is part of a larger tapestry, saying:

“Batman 50 is not the end. This is a 100 issue story documenting and celebrating the love of Batman and Catwoman. Whatever happens, whatever anyone says, nothing’s going to spoil that.”

As I suspected, King is in this for the long haul and I, for one, am quite intrigued by whatever he has planned for two of my favorite characters in all of fiction. The relationship shared by Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle has always been complicated, so there were bound to be some bumps in the road.

But replying to the same thread was that of someone on behalf of Kapow Comics, Cards and Games, who expressed what many retailers have been saying over the past few days:

“The worst part is retailers had NO clue. We were told it was going to be THE event, ordered way more then normal, variants with it. This was going to be a special moment. I had made a deal with a wedding shop for an amazing display.

“But hey, it’s NTY  (sic) who buys all the comics, so might as well make sure they get the better end. Oh wait. DC wanted publicity that is going to cost shops a LOT of money. What should have been a crowning moment made us all lose total faith. Now what?”

Knowing that some reading this article may have cancelled their orders for Batman #50, we advise that you reconsider when picking up whatever other books are on your pull list for Wednesday, July 4th. And afterwards, be sure to check back here for our review.