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‘Yellowstone’ fans brace themselves for a high-stakes season 5 as John Dutton goes all in on a risky hand

Power has a price. Will the Duttons be able to pay it?

Kevin Costner in the lead role for Yellowstone.
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The trailer for Paramount’s number one series, Yellowstone, poses the most important question that the Dutton family has ever faced. Power has a price; will the Duttons be able to pay it?

If they can, what will it cost them? As the trailer dives into some intense scenes in the shows exhilarating fifth season, we see emotions weighing heavy on our beloved characters, and rightfully so. The stakes have never been higher than they are right now. We also see an exciting career change for John Dutton: he officially swears in as Governor. 

Yep, John is trading in his riding boots for some fancy office footwear (see also: boots) as he struts into office for a ride wilder than he’s ever faced before. 

Hearing him swear in as Governor of Montana was a feeling that gave long-time fans of the show chills. It’s not a role he worked his whole life for, but it’s a role he understands the weight of. He knows why the cards are in his hand and will learn precisely when to play them.

His first order of business? In a very John Dutton move, he fires his entire office staff and puts everyone’s favorite tornado, Beth Dutton, back to work.

Several moments in the trailer left us speechless, like Beth Dutton as she peers over her shoulder in the living room of the main house; something certainly lurks in the shadows.

The trailer was exactly what some fans needed after an otherwise not-great start to their day. The Duttons can undeniably bring an instant mood boost to anyone who needs one.

Some fans have two words for the upcoming season, and they’re perfect: buckle up!

There certainly is a mafia undertone to Yellowstone, but it’s all cowboys and ranch hands, good vs. evil; there’s more law to it than a run-of-the-mill mafia-style project. However, the power struggle and John tip-toeing into office are laying the groundwork for an even juicier storyline.

With John as governor, things are going to change. The Duttons will have more power than they’ve ever had, but the secrets they’ve kept will also be stronger than ever before.

Don’t get us started on enemies for the Duttons, either. With everything to lose, those who dare to fight against them will have to bring the heat this season. Characters we know and love will face fear and heartache unlike that which we’ve seen before, but there will also be payoffs.

Intense almost seems an understatement for this season.

Last but not least, the ranch will always come first in Yellowstone. Even with John as governor, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch protects those he loves — he must always put it ahead of anything else.

You can see Yellowstone kick off it’s season 5 premiere with a two-hour television event on Nov. 13. 

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