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‘Yellowstone’ star Luke Grimes is heading to the Stagecoach Festival and we’re not okay

Just when we thought he couldn’t get better…

Luke Grimes talks Yellowstone with Country Living
Emerson Miller/Paramount Network

Be still our Yellowstone hearts; Luke Grimes is giving us that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling with his latest Instagram post. Yep, you read that right, Grimes has officially joined the social media realm, and his first picture sure is enough to make you weak at the knees.

Grimes revealed to Country Living that a project he’s been working on lately has been music. It appears he’s not just been working on music — he’s got enough under his glorious cowboy belt to take the stage at Stagecoach. Jesus, take the wheel — our eyes are too filled with dreamy dancing hearts to steer through this one.

If you’re still reeling from that double-whammy, you’re not alone. Grimes isn’t a big social media person, so to see a (quite illustrious) image of him in our feeds was special enough. For that dreamy photo to be followed up with the lineup for Stagecoach was a dream come true — and not just for his dedicated fans.

Grimes is a hard worker, someone who chases his passions and dreams, and the ability to be kicking off a country music path and to already have a spot at the music festival is a nod to his talent and dedication to his craft. 

Yellowstone lovers will want to pay close attention to the date that Grimes is set to take the stage. In his company will be Ryan Bingham, and Lainey Wilson, also set to perform on April 30. Bingham plays Walker on Yellowstone, and Lainey Wilson is joining the series this season as a new character named Abby.

Tyler Childress is one of the headliners that Sunday at Stagecoach, and his song “Lady May” is infamous in the Yellowstone fandom as the romantic tune Rip and Beth danced to on the ranch. Here’s to Yellowstone Sunday in the desert; you won’t want to miss it. 

You can watch Grimes as Kayce Dutton in the first four seasons of Yellowstone streaming now on Peacock, and keep your ears ready to listen to a taste of his music soon!

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