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Luke Grimes talks ’Yellowstone’ and living your best country life

Luke Grimes is opening up about living country, on television and in ‘Yellowstone’.

Luke Grimes talks Yellowstone with Country Living
Emerson Miller/Paramount Network

In his latest sit-down interview, Luke Grimes is coming for your hearts ahead of season five of the hit Paramount series Yellowstone

Grimes plays the fierce, loyal, and insanely handsome Kayce Dutton, son of patriarch and ranch owner John Dutton, and power player in the fight for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. 

His role in the series isn’t far off from his day-to-day life. Okay, so maybe the drama, shoot-outs, and being a walking target don’t totally describe life for Grimes, but he did trade city living for a more peaceful life in Montana. In his chat with Country Living, Grimes talked about the decision to move to the mountains and how he made it alongside his wife, Bianca.

“I told my wife, ‘If you see a place you like, we can think about moving there. As soon as we parked in Montana, she said, ‘This place, obviously.'”

They love life in Montana, but there was something they had to quickly get used to.

“You can’t get anything delivered. There’s no Postmates out here,” Grimes says.

That certainly would be an adjustment if you’re used to the ease of getting everything with a few clicks on your phone.

Of course, being close to work is another selling point for Grimes, who had one crucial thing to say about Yellowstone’s 5th season: “It’s as different as every other season.”

That’s a wake-up call for fans thinking they know how the story will continue unfolding in the upcoming episodes. Yellowstone has taken us on a wild ride since the first episode, and the 14-episode run of season 5 will be unpredictable, to say the least.

Living his best country life in Yellowstone and in reality, Grimes has some advice on how you can do the same. Be it in the mountains of Montana or the hills of Tennessee, he gave some excellent advice.

Most importantly: light a fire. That’s right — if you want Grimes’ advice on having your best country evening, it’s to do so by a fire. He says he even lights them in the summer.

“The first order of business at a campsite is always to get a fire going. I’ll build a fire even if it’s warm outside. I’m a little bit of a pyro.”

Grimes by a fire sounds like a dream in itself, mixed with the beautiful Montana skyline and a crackling fire with s’mores and your favorite drink; the appeal is understandable.

What do you need to make the fire even better? Good tunes! Grimes says music is also an essential part of the experience, with Country Living surprising fans by sharing the news that he’s been working on a country album.

Grimes also suggests getting out and visiting the national parks. There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to reignite the fire in your soul; if you need to feel connected to the world around you again, get out there and explore it.

So how does Grimes enjoy the wide open spaces of Montana living? In a particular 2013 Airstream.

“I wanted my specific Airstream because the newer ones can look a little slick inside. In 2013 they made one that was meant to look sort of retro, so it has 1970s-looking upholstery and wood grain. It had that older look, but with the luxury of having the newer bells and whistles.”

You can find out more about Grimes and the exciting upcoming season of Yellowstone in October’s issue of Country Living. Here’s to more Kayce Dutton and the growing and compelling storyline. 

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