ZHU Releases “Hometown Girl” Leading Up To Debut Album


ZHU fans are counting down the days until the Los Angeles DJ/producer drops his debut album, GENERATIONWHY, and thankfully, he’s offered up something to tide them over in the meantime. Not too long ago he shared one of the album’s richest sonic dreamscapes titled “Palm of My Hand,” and he’s now followed it up with the markedly more upbeat “Hometown Girl.”

For the avant-garde fusion between house and hip-hop that ZHU usually puts out, “Hometown Girl” makes for an unexpected departure. The easygoing guitar licks and lighthearted lyrics fit it for radio – except for a more experimental, dance-y section at the very end.

While ZHU was presumably under label pressure to write a radio single for GENERATIONWHY, “Hometown Girl” makes for the weakest release that has trickled out early so far. Fortunately for him, his misses are a typical producer’s hits, so that’s not to say that it’s even poorly executed by any means.

As for the rest of ZHU‘s debut album, it’s slated to arrive on July 29th. In the meantime, tell us, do you hope GENERATIONWHY‘s track list will feature more songs like “Hometown Girl?”