Joe Biden may be facing his own Stormy Daniels case if Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have anything to say about it

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Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz are trumpeting a supposed sexual assault case against Joe Biden involving a woman who said the president “sexually assaulted me in 1993.” Tara Reade’s allegations are not new but they’re resurfacing now that Trump is probably getting indicted over allegedly paying off a porn star for sex and covering it up.

Greene quote tweeted Reade’s own tweet which said, “So I am not a former porn star nor did I receive “hush money.” I was a Senate staffer for Joe Biden when he sexually assaulted me…, To date no investigation, only media attacks and trolls aimed at me. … When will Joe Biden be investigated?”

Greene thanked Reade for speaking out and said “I would like you to come to Washington to speak with us.”

The timing of this is not surprising in the least. As the circle gets tighter around Trump and an arrest seems imminent, his allies are doing anything they can to accuse other people and get the spotlight off of Trump. It’s important to note that these allegations have been scrutinized thoroughly, especially during the runup to the 2020 election.

Here’s what the New York Times wrote in 2020: “No other allegation about sexual assault surfaced in the course of reporting, nor did any former Biden staff members corroborate any details of Ms. Reade’s allegation. The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden.”

Reade also stated she filed a report with the congressional personnel office at the time, but didn’t explicitly accuse him of sexual assault or harassment. No one has found any evidence of such a report, per the AP. Biden flatly denied the allegations, pointing out numerous “inconsistencies” in her story.

Regardless of the veracity of the claims, Greene seems ready to rehash the whole thing over again. We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

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