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‘Bro just file for bankruptcy’: Cash App glitch leaves one user tens of thousands in debt

"I would've just drove straight to jail."

Screengrabs via @KaiCurry30

You know when you’re already having a bad day and then you money transfer app glitches and you lose almost forty thousand dollars? No? If you’d like it to stay that way it may be best to stick with Venmo or PayPal for all of your money-transferring needs. Otherwise, with ongoing Cash App drama, unexpected bankruptcy might just be something you’re a little too familiar with.

This viral TikTok shows the pitfalls of virtual banking can be a little steeper than anyone bargained for. An unlucky Cash App user attempted to initiate a transfer of a significantly smaller amount of money than the 39,388 dollars and 72 cents that were withdrawn. The video shows his negative balance, his utter shock at the debt, and his friend’s surprised and probably slightly amused reaction at the glitch.


Bro shoulda just left it alone , see the hurt in his eyes 😭😭😭😭 -39k is crazy lol #funnyvideos #painsong #viral #kaicurry30

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Commenters were shocked and understandably scared about the sudden debt that the subject of the video was faced with, but many of them had excellent, if not bizarre advice on how he should move forward. Some told him to file for bankruptcy, change his name and go into hiding, or even just delete his CashApp account and hope for the best. Others joked that the poor CashApp user still needed forty thousand dollars just to be broke again. A couple people simply wished him luck in prison, because they were sure that that’s where he was headed.

USA Today reports that CashApp has been investigating an issue that double-charges users for their transactions when they use the company’s free debit card. In June, many CashApp users took to social media to flag the company about the issue and they promised that all double charges would be refunded. More issues apparently resurfaced in September, this time making it so that CashApp users couldn’t send payments, make purchases on their debit cards, or buy Bitcoin using the app. This particular glitch led to users learning that they were able to add money to their balance without it being taken from their bank accounts, which when fixed extracted those exorbitant amounts of money from their real bank accounts. There’s a chance that this was the cause of this particular CashApp user’s sudden debt.

Maybe the multi-million view video will supplement his income through a burgeoning TikTok career, but it appears that playing around with the CashApp glitch may have just left hime in the hole for good. The best that he can hope for is a new glitch that will replenish the funds he lost in the last one.

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