‘Handmaid’s Tale’ trends again in wake of Roe vs. Wade news

The Handmaid's Tale

In the wake of the startling news that the U.S. Supreme Court plans to overturn the famed Roe vs. Wade decision, The Handmaid’s Tale is once again trending on Twitter. The popular Hulu series — based on the novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood — centers around dystopia America, where its totalitarian government forces fertile women to adhere to a child-bearing slavery system following a civil war.

For some background, Roe vs. Wade was a landmark decision passed back in 1973, which effectively granted women the right to choose to have an abortion without the pitfalls of government restriction. Nearly five decades later, The Supreme Court is threatening this very protection of women’s liberty.

Over on Twitter, the thought-provoking narrative is receiving an abundance of comparisons between the fictional aspect of the show with the mind-boggling events happening in the U.S. in real-time. This marks the second time that The Handmaid’s Tale has trended on the platform for this very reason, though it’s arguably more important now than ever. While many celebrities have already reacted to the unbelievable news, a vast majority of everyday citizens are now weighing in on the controversial decision.

One user passionately believes that the dystopian series “should be mandatory” for all to watch before the upcoming midterm elections.

Another user highlighted author Margaret Atwood and detailed her depiction of modern-day America while urging others to wake up and recognize the stripping of women’s rights.

Another user hinted that Hulu should alter the show’s long-standing genre from fiction to documentary.

User @MayoIsSpicyy blatantly stated that American citizens are currently living through The Handmaid’s Tale.

Another user posted a 2010 interview with Margaret Atwood, where the author hinted that the possibility of a dystopian America becoming reality was sooner rather than later.

An official announcement regarding Roe vs. Wade has yet to be made by The Supreme Court, but for many women, it’s a frightening glimpse into the future.

This is an ongoing story.