How to fix TikTok comments not loading

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Its comment section is, by far, one of the best things TikTok has to offer.

While the videos shared on the popular app are — at least occasionally — certainly worthwhile, it is the comment section that typically keeps users showing up for more. TikTok users are unexpectedly hilarious in their brief, scathing comments, showing up on a consistent basis to elevate a video’s comment section with their witty or shocking quips.

The popularity of TikTok’s comment section leads to a certain level of panic when only the app’s videos load. TikTok is hardly worth it when the comments refuse to appear, so here’s the best way to fix a glitch in the comment section.

How to fix broken TikTok comments

If you’re currently living a TikTok comment-less existence, don’t fret. There are several easy fixes for issues that arise with the video-sharing app’s comment sections.

To start, make sure the video in question doesn’t have comments turned off. While this isn’t a commonly used feature — and was probably the first thing you checked — users occasionally choose to disable comments, leaving viewers without the option to entertain us with their witty takeaway.

Assuming the video allows comments, there is probably something glitching out with the app itself. The easiest fix for this is to simply close out of the app and restart it, in hopes that a quick refresh is enough to summon those comments back from the dead. If this doesn’t work, your next option takes things a step further. Try logging all the way out of TikTok — and maybe consider restarting your phone — before logging back in and checking to see if the problem has resolved itself.

Another potential solution, if all the above fail, is to full uninstall the TikTok app and reinstall it. This should fix any problems that are not related to the app as a whole, but it will take longer than any of the other fixes, as noted by Dexerto.

One final option, albeit a rather complicated one, is presented by Techzillo. The tech site’s solution involves clearing your phone’s storage of its TikTok cache, potentially removing any bugs that may have worked their way into your system. In order to manage this final fix, you’ll need to head into your phone’s settings and locate your apps. From there, navigate to TikTok, and select storage. You’ll then want to clear everything out of the cache and data categories, which could be a good amount, depending on your TikTok usage.

If none of these solutions work for you, the issue is almost certainly on TikTok’s end. You can check out our methods to track and report outages but, for the most part, all you can really do is wait. The app will have its features — comments included — up and running in no time.

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