Is TikTok down? Here’s how to check the server status

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Reports of TikTok outages have users of the massively popular app scrambling as they try to work out if their access was affected.

It seems that TikTok started experiencing scattered issues in the late evening hours of March 24 before fully crashing between 6 and 9am CT on March 25. Initial issues with the video-sharing app seem to have already resolved themselves, but problems seem to be arising again. Plus, regardless of the longevity of its current issues, TikTok will inevitably go down again at some point in the future.

Here’s where you can go in the instance of an outage to report problems and track solutions.

How to check TikTok’s server status

Downdetector - TikTok Mach 25, 2022

The first and most comprehensive stop for users looking to check in on TikTok’s status is downdetector. The site, which dedicates itself to tracking outages, allows users to report specific problems and follow a timeline of issues. It also helps to identify specific areas in which the app is experiencing issues.

According to downdetector, during TikTok’s outage on March 25, most people experienced issues with the app itself. A few users additionally struggled with server connection and sharing, but more than 50 percent of reports are aimed at TikTok as a whole. A surge in reports around 10:30am indicated that the issues, initially thought resolved, were still ongoing.

Another option, if you’re simply looking to report an issue, exists on the TikTok support site. Navigating to the “Report a Problem” tab under the site’s “Using TikTok” category will take users to a simple explanation for how best to report issues on the app. The biggest problem with this route, as becomes quickly clear, is that the app itself must be functioning in order to use it. The process, as outlined by TikTok, involves navigating to your profile, clicking on the three dots in the top right, and tapping “Report a Problem” before selecting a topic. This will allow users to inform TikTok of any issues, but again requires the app to be up and running in order to do so, and thus somewhat negates its functionality in this instance.

The best route, therefore, is to go through downdetector. The site is perpetually prepared for outages of exactly this nature and will keep users informed of when problems will be dealt with.

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