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LEGO lover with time to spare builds to-scale model of Charmander

Now give us a 5'7" LEGO Charizard, you cowards!

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Credit: The Pokémon Company/Reddit (u/mininightmare)

The saying once went that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, but in this day and age there is a multitude of less sinful time-consuming hobbies that a person could take on. In this person’s case, some time was given to the building of a to-scale model of the Pokémon Charmander using LEGO bricks.

The hobby of LEGO building has gone beyond simple children’s toys with more complex and challenging designs now available. In fact, in 2013, the plastic toys went to the International Space Station for the astronauts to build models and see how they reacted to microgravity. The toy brand has become one of the biggest global brands of all time and its use of them has not been restricted to children alone.

The individual, u/mininightmare, shared their accomplishment on Reddit, stating the piece used “just over 4,000 bricks” as well as standing at “2ft tall and weighs 6kg!”

This is technically to scale, as Charmander in-universe stands at 2ft tall and only weighs a little more at 8.5kg.

They also added that the instructions to build the character came from Bricker Build, a website set up to help lovers of LEGO create fantastical designs beyond what the company provide.

Within the Reddit thread, the creator shared that they “spent a couple of evenings each week building it.”

When asked how they approached the design they stated, “The instructions were laid out just like an official set, there were 6 booklets overall. Started with the tail and feet on a 32×32 baseplate and built up in a circular motion from there.”

Congratulations to the creator for the construction and maybe next time they will go even bigger. Give us a 5’7″ LEGO Charizard, you cowards.

Laura Pollacco
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