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New York Post has been hacked, announces they are investigating

Some horrible headlines found their way onto the NY Post website and social media after a hacker took over the reins.

The New York Post, one of New York City’s leading newspapers and breaking news media outlets, sent out a tweet today saying that they were hacked and are presently investigating the cause.

Although the Post has not specifically stated which of its social media accounts were hacked, it appears clear that their twitter account was victimized, and possibly their website as well.

Earlier today, tweets posted from their account, as well as fake headlines posted on their website, were mostly graphic, racist, and clearly out of control. All of the tweets in question were fake headlines with one even calling for the murder of Joe Biden.

The least offensive tweet read, “We must destroy and imprison Union teachers.”

The Post is a conservative-leaning publication, usually going against it’s city rival, the left-leaning New York Times.Whereas the Times predictably supports Democrat politicians, the Post predictably supports Republican ones.

In recent months, despite their sometimes controversial politics, the Post has gained a greater respect amongst many New Yorkers for being extremely informative in relation to the violent crime wave in New York City, with outrageously tragic incidents being detailed in their paper, including subway attacks, stabbings, and murders. Today’s cover reports on eight innocent bystanders that were shot in NYC just this month.

Their focus on reporting on crime has both informed and alarmed residents, causing a decreasing of support in the city’s controversial bail reform.

However, outside of NYC, the Post has gained popularity in part because of their breaking celebrity and political news which has helped them gain millions of followers on social media … including, apparently, a hacker.

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