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Petition breaks 60,000+ signatures to get Elon Musk to ban one Twitter user

“Say, that Ayatollah thinks he's better than America!”

Petition breaks 60,000+ signatures to get Elon Musk to ban one Twitter user
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Elon Musk has got 44 billion problems right now with his terrible reign of Twitter, but the internet wants him to actually use his power for good and ban an authoritarian leader.

International pressure has engulfed Iran as protests continue for women’s rights in the nation, and given the horrendousness a petition has gained serious traction to deplatform the nation’s leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. The supreme leader of Iran has somehow maintained a presence on Twitter through all of the controversy and uprising, amassing nearly 940,000 followers.

Food for thought has come with a change.org petition which is now sitting on solid ground to potentially make a change. Seeing over 65,000 signatures in under a week, it’s a strong number which could make its way to Musk. Given Musk’s consecutive L’s over the last few weeks, he’ll be searching for any good public relations story.

So far into his ownership Twitter has seen a massive drop in advertisers, an easily exploitable verification overhaul, a resurgence of hate speech, as well as key employees leaving the site as bankruptcy could near. Musk’s greatest achievement as owner is the fact he’s still in charge despite a continuous stream of bad press and bad ideas.

Musk has a weird stance on politics, however. After being mocked by both right-wing and left-wing users on his app, he channeled sh*tposter Dril to basically say “well if everyone hates me, I must be doing something right”. Other classic hits of Musk include predicting a “red wave” during the midterm elections, only for him to be comprehensively proven wrong.

But considering Musk’s family made their fortune through apartheid mining, he might have a slight stake in certain political parties being successful, or having their viewpoints amplified.

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