This queer TikTok user just came up with a fantastic way to keep ‘religious zealots’ from knocking on her door

Screen Shot via jamie.foust94/TikTok

Science has found a myriad of ways to keep unwanted pests away from your doorway. Rodents, birds, possums, bugs, wasps, there’s almost certainly something you can sprinkle or spray to make said nuisances beat a path away from your door. We’re even told you can keep evil spirits at bay with a liberal application of votives, burnt herbs, or salt circles. But what can you do to keep away the omnipresent doorstep pest who shows up tracts in hand, willing to bother your ear off with a three-hour lecture on the deity of their choice?

TikTok user jamie.foust94 may have just found the solution. It turns out there’s not an app for that, but there is a mat for that.

Foust has initiated a “the best offense is a good defense” policy at her own home, where her doormat is letting every god-botherer who makes it to her porch just exactly what they’ll be getting into if they ring the doorbell. Foust and her wife recently invested in a doormat that reads “gayest place in town” and says in the caption for her latest video that the new addition “has the added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god.” 


My wife and I recently got a new door mat. It was a great investment. It says “gayest place in town” and has the added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god. 😂

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The video shows two very clean-cut apparent missionaries (we can’t say what group they belong to, but we bet there may be a popular Broadway musical about the books they seem to be carrying) approach the household looking eager as can be to do a nice afternoon’s worth of proselytizing only to read the words on the mat and back away as if Michael just threw them out of Eden. So it seems the mat is well worth its price if only in saved time. And while the new home decor might not keep a door-to-door vacuum salesman away, it may very well serve as a repellant to those who think that your life needs to be “repaired.”