‘Star Wars’ fans debate the ‘correct’ franchise watch order for newcomers

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If you don’t have a death wish, having any sort of opinion on anything Star Wars-related is the next best thing; the fandom’s ability to simultaneously cast just about everyone as both a true fan and not a true fan in the same breath as an opinion is given, is nothing short of surreal.

The perennial epicenter of Star Wars debates is, of course, the Skywalker Saga; the birthplace of the overwhelming majority of love (and, somehow, hate) for the franchise. Needless to say, starting a conversation that involves the nine films requires that you have a lot of time on your hands because you’ll likely never hear the end of that conversation.

And in a world of such conversations, the internet is a vehicle and Reddit is an indecisive hitchhiker, and also the site of one brave user’s question about the correct viewing order for the Skywalker Saga films.

The user declared the correct order as the original trilogy, followed by the prequel trilogy, followed by the sequel trilogy, citing that it best preserves the creative context that the films sought to construct. And, in a stunning turn of events, disagreements were few and far between.

Others suggested, as far as the first six films go, to watch the first two films of the original trilogy, followed by the prequel trilogy, and then ending with Return of the Jedi. For what it would lose in the historic plot twist, it would still manage to pull its weight in the dramatic tension department.

One user, meanwhile, needed to be stopped at all costs.

The day we reach anything resembling unanimous on the topic of Star Wars will prove that humanity’s limits are absolutely boundless. Until then, we can keep arguing about the latest entry in the Star Wars mythos, Obi-Wan Kenobi, which releases its sixth and final episode on Disney Plus this Wednesday.

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