‘Stranger Things’ fans discuss endings they definitely don’t want to see

stranger things
Image via Netflix

Now that season four has ended, all eyes are on the Stranger Things final season, season five. The gang now have to face the greatest threat yet as Vecna’s curse has left a gaping maw in the middle of Hawkins, a gateway to the Upside Down. Fans are already hyped for the final season, but as we’ve seen before — looking at you, Game of Thrones — final seasons can be tricky, and with so much on the line, and so many stories to wrap up, it will take some phenomenal storytelling to conclude this global television phenomenon.

Though characters have come and gone (RIP Eddie) the original gang remains, and Eleven faces her greatest adversary yet in the form of Vecna, AKA Number One, AKA Henry Creel. Through the combined efforts of Steve, Nancy, and Robin in the Upside Down along with Max and Eleven fighting in Max’s mind, Vecna has been weakened, though how significantly we just don’t know yet.

Fans are now desperate for the final season, and though the Duffer brothers have promised it won’t be as long as the last wait, we aren’t going to be getting it anytime soon. This only gives us time to speculate what may happen to our favorite characters next, but there are some storylines that fans are really, really hoping don’t happen.

One Reddit user asked what ending do fans not want to see, with others chiming in with their worst-case scenarios for the finale.

The “it was just a dream” ending is a true cop out, and it’s doubtful that the Duffer brothers would touch that with a ten foot pole.

This user agrees that the Duffer’s wouldn’t do that, but there is another option that they really don’t want to see.

It would seem that the fans have faith in the creators though.

People are desperate for there to be a true conclusion, as no one wants to be left with any ambiguity.

One user creatively combined one of television’s greatest finale disappointments with the cast of Stranger Things.

People are not going to get over that anytime soon.

A more likely theory is still upsetting.

Many are already worried that Eleven’s death feels inevitable.

Unless anyone has Eleven’s abilities to see into the Duffer brothers’ minds, then we are just going to have to sit tight and wait with bated breath for the final Stranger Things season.