The Oscars are tweeting about Mia Goth, so we hope this means what we think it does

Pearl Mia Goth horror
Image via A24

Mia Goth is a phenomenon, and The Academy Awards think so too. The official Twitter account for the Oscars tweeted out their praise for the actress, which has led some to believe that she will get a look in come awards season next year, and if she doesn’t… there will be hell to pay.

The actress stars in X, a 2022 slasher horror film directed by Ti West that had her playing two completely separate characters, porn actress Maxine Minx and the elderly Pearl, whose guest house Maxine and her troupe are aiming to shoot a porno in. The distinction between the two characters could not be more pronounced, with Maxine being a young, naive, and fame-hungry young woman whereas Pearl is elderly, mentally disturbed, and ruthless. To be able to play both of those characters in no easy feet and Goth deserves all the recognition she gets and more.

She then revived the character for Pearl, released the same year, which served as a prequel to X. Goth also had a hand in writing the script for this one. The film looks at Pearl’s younger years, with heavy homage paid to films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, such as The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins.

Goth’s performance in Pearl has been lauded by critics, with such reviews as this from The Guardian “Mia Goth is an actual superstar: she is fiendishly good in this outrageous shocker from director Ti West,” adding “Goth is now the Judy Garland of horror.” Even Martin Scorsese is a fan! She has already started picking up award nominations for the role.

With The Academy Award’s Twitter posting “She’s a star!” many are hoping the actress gets a nomination, though they are aware that the horror/slasher genre has been often overlooked by the Academy before.

Many want to see her nominated for Best Actress for her role in Pearl.

Some are begging the committee to seriously consider her.

This user has more forceful means to get the Academy to comply.

Let’s give Pearl what she wants! Who knows what she will do if she doesn’t get it? Best to be safe.

Based on past horror actresses also being snubbed, many have their doubts.

A lot of horror fans have critiqued the Academy’s lack of appreciation for horror films in the past, and they’re getting tired of it.

We will have to wait until Jan. 24 to hear who has been nominated for the 2023 Academy Awards, so fans won’t know whether to be disappointed or not till then.

Goth, on the other hand, will be back for the third installment in the fast-moving franchise, MaXXXine, which will follow her character Maxine Minx after the events of X as she still aims for fame. The film is currently in production.