The Thanos vs Homelander debate gets a sequel, putting ‘The Boys’ and Marvel fans at war once again

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Since 2019, The Boys has been giving fans laughs with its unique satirical perspective on superheroes, along with its political and social commentary. However, similarities with its superhero franchise peers often sparks debate, and this time the running war of words is about who would win between Thanos and Homelander.

When at his best and powered up by the Infinity Gauntlet, the big bald-headed brute of the MCU has superhuman strength and speed along with immortality and the power of telekinesis and telepathy. His powers actually go on forever, and any Marvel superhero with phenomenal powers that even suggests they could be the strongest of them all is often the subject of the question of whether or not they are stronger than the beast.

Homelander, meanwhile, is the Superman of the dark comedy. He is also faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. With DC fans often thinking of Superman as the strongest of them all, it’s only fair that his parody Homelander eventually was pitted against Thanos.

Fans have made up their minds and it has culminated in a lively, often hysterical agreement that Homelander is no match.

It’s better to show than tell.

Will Smith is still getting thrown under the bus!

Homelander is the comic relief of comic books while Thanos is the real-deal villain who can wipe out entire civilizations with just his bad breath. When’s the last time he’s brushed them things?

Give it up to the comic book fans who know where to find the best responses from their own canon.

There isn’t a soul in the universe who takes Homelander seriously and for a villain, Thanos has a lot of fans on his side on this one.

If it were real, it would go down more like a third grader getting eyed by the bully on the playground.

It’s fun to have the comic book adaptation around but it can’t be taken seriously at all when it steps into the Marvel universe. Even Ant-Man would have a heyday with Homelander let alone Thanos.

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