TikTok star Amber Mezner finally addresses bullying allegations, and fans aren’t having it

Amber Menzer bullying Sunsetmakeupp
Images via TikTok

Tiktok influencer Amber Mezner has been accused of bullying by one of her old victims. The influencer denies the allegation, stating that the evidence was fake. But despite Menzer’s claims of hearsay, evidence of the bullying allegations was shared on the platform.

TikTok user @SunsetMakeupp released a video where she accused Menzer of bullying her in middle school. According to Sunset, Menzer was in high school when it happened. She said that Menzer would prank call her, hence why she appeared on her TikTok “find friends” page. She also accused the influencer of making fun of her scars, and it led to the point where the principal got involved. She also called out Menzer for participating in an anti-bullying campaign, despite having constantly harassed her.

People asked for more evidence after the video went viral, which she provided. She shared the “find friends” page that mentioned the influencer’s name. At the same time, more people have come out and shared their stories of how they were affected by Mezner’s actions.

In response, Menzer released a video in which she claimed that none of this happened, and that the accusations were false. She also claimed that she didn’t even know Sunset, whom she claimed was the bully, not her. She also released a “pause to read” video, asking for proof like letters to the principal. She also alleged Sunset of “trying to have sex with her boyfriend,” stealing her clothes and makeup, and outing her brother for having autism.


Literally don’t even know this person . These accusations aren’t True & it’s messed up to completely make up a story . I was bullied all through my school years . I would never put someone down for things that I did myself doesn’t even make sense ! The ppl I actually had problems w back then I fted tonight & talked it out & we’re chill now . If you felt traumatized by me for whatever reason why haven’t you ever spoke to me before!!! You have no proof and people are taking your word and now I’m getting Bullied all over again !! #fyp #fakerumor @Sunset Makeup

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Sunset where’s the proof I “bullied” or that we even knew each other ? All she’s posting is texts between her & sock . Nothing concrete of me bullying !

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As of writing, Sunset released a video where she accused Menzer of lying and manipulating the audience, and pointed out that Menzer’s mother is getting involved. An anonymous viewer managed to get into contact with Menzer and her mother, and shared screenshots of chat messages. They were told to say that “what they said was all made up” and that they have to “say what they wrote.”


Replying to @hawkles01 Amber’s manipulation

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The comments in Menzer’s response videos were filled with support for Sunset and accused the influencer of “playing the victim.” Some TikTok users wondered if some of the victims would consider getting legal action, especially due to how serious the allegations were. That hasn’t been the case as of now, and is still being viewed as a TikTok feud.