‘Wednesday’ theory presents a fascinating connection to real-world mythology

Image via Netflix

We love a good little easter egg in our media, little nods or allusions that when we get them make us feel like we are in on a very small and niche joke. Well, one Wednesday fan found a little easter egg that is so specific that it will have gone over most of our heads, but rather than keeping it to themselves, they’ve decided to share it with the rest of the fandom so now we are all in on it.

In the series one of the main characters that we come to meet is Wednesday’s roommate Enid the werewolf, only she isn’t quite as wolfy as we might originally assume. Enid has not yet wolfed out and fully transformed yet and is only able to extend razor-sharp, and colorfully painted, claws.

This is a touchy topic for the character who feels excluded from the rest of her kind given she is a ‘late-bloomer’ and the fact that her mother appears to be putting a lot of pressure on her to be “normal,” normal for a werewolf that is. This familial pressure is something that I am sure many of us can relate to, but perhaps what might be a little out of our realm is the fact that Enid claims she has been flown all the way to Milwaukee to see the best Lycanologist to try to “fix” her condition.

Here is where one viewer and their wife got a great chuckle as it turns out there was a very specific reason why Milwaukee is the place to go if you want to get in touch with your inner paranormal beast.

This post was written by a Redditor born and raised in the town of Elkhorn, famous for its sightings of a Cryptid (beasts that some people, such as cryptozoologists, believe are out there in the wild though mainstream science would disagree. Think big foot or yetis). Elkhorn, a town in Milwaukee, is the apparent home of “The Wisconsin Werewolf” and, according to this Reddit user, the home of the best Lycanologist as a result.

It is great to hear that a show with as big a production value as Wednesday is really putting in the effort to add these small little nods to real-world mythology. Now fans will be paying close attention to see what other easter eggs may be hiding when it comes to rewatching the show, and for the future second season.