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What are TikTok’s adult-only streams and livestream age requirements?

The move will hopefully protect the younger TikTok audience.

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TikTok is about to introduce changes to its platform, overhauling its livestream requirements in an attempt to make its platform safer. The two main changes are the introduction of adult-only streams and an update to how old you need to be in order to livestream on the platform. So let’s take a look at exactly when these changes will be coming to the popular social media platform and what they will look like.

What are the new livestream changes coming to TikTok?

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The first change will be coming to the platform on Nov. 23, 2022, and starting from that date people will need to be at least 18 years old to livestream on TikTok. The current age requirement is 16 years old, but in an attempt to protect its younger users, the livestream age requirement will be increasing. Of course, users under 16 years old can still view livestreams, they just cannot host them. 

The next change is an interesting addition to TikTok’s platform. According to TikTok, “in the coming weeks,” an adults-only livestreaming option will be coming to the platform. What does this mean for the platform? Probably not what you think. Any and all livestreams on TikTok will still need to follow their community guidelines and not have any nudity or sexual content. There are similar features on Twitch and YouTube, with either age restrictions or suggestions on the platforms. 

What the adults-only option does mean, is that anyone who goes LIVE on the platform can limit their streams only to people who are older than 18. The blog post in which TikTok details the changes uses a risque comedic routine as an example of something that might prompt a creator to turn on the adults-only feature. But generally, it means that anyone over 18 years old who wishes to stream only to other people over the age of 18, can do exactly that. 

That’s not the only update to TikTok. You can now livestream with five other users through Multi-Guest. This seems to be the only feature in the blog post that does not have to do with safety on the platform, which users should take as a good sign for things to come. As for the other changes, as stated previously, they are not currently in effect but the increased age requirement will be coming to TikTok on Nov. 23, 2022, and the adults-only livestreams will be coming to the platform soon.

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