What does ‘Twelve Grapes Under the Table’ mean on TikTok?

green grapes on a branch
Image via Getty Images

If you’ve spent time scrolling through TikTok recently, then you’ve probably heard all about the New Year’s Eve “grapes under the table” trend. New Year’s Eve is a wonderful holiday that gives people the chance to celebrate the freshness and excitement of a brand new year.

And if you’re ready to leave behind old habits and regrettable life decisions, then taking the leap by changing your lifestyle on Jan. 1st is a lovely way to go about that. One of the ways you can try to solidify a beautiful new year is by eating 12 grapes underneath a table. And before you scratch your head, let’s explain the details about why this ritual exists.

What is the purpose of the trend?

If you find yourself sitting underneath the table eating 12 grapes within the first 60 seconds of the new year, then you’ll likely be in for a wonderful year. TikTokers have been posting videos about this ritual since it is connected to good luck, true love, and fortune. Traditionally, eating 12 grapes underneath the table has been part of Latinx culture.

Now, people from every culture are interested in trying out the trend. Some TikTokers suggest eating 12 grapes while wearing a pair of red-colored underwear. Others suggest eating the 12 grapes while decked out in red lipstick. If you feel like the last few years of your life haven’t been as fulfilling as you hoped for, eating 12 grapes underneath your table on New Year’s Eve might be your best bet.

How the 12 grapes can also equal 12 wishes

Some people on TikTok believe that you can enjoy all 12 of your grapes underneath a table while making a wish on each grape. The 12 grapes are supposed to represent the 12 months of the new year, which means you can make a wish that would apply to each month from January through December.

Some people advise making wishes that focus on monetary gain in January, and wishes that focus on meeting your soulmate in February. You can make wishes about achieving your body goals in March, and wishes about going on fun vacations in April. Whatever your wishes might be, you have to eat each grape with specific intentions in mind within the first 60 seconds of the year.

Eating 12 grapes underneath a table isn’t ideal for individuals who love to be out partying on a night like New Year’s Eve. Imagine trying to pull this off at a crowded nightclub or bar. And yet, this ritual could be great for people who prefer to spend their holidays at home, focused on self-improvement and starting 2023 off with some positivity.