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What is TikTok’s viral “what daddy wants, daddy gets” sound?

What is the viral "What Daddy Wants, Daddy Gets." TikTok sound?

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One of the most amazing things about TikTok is that the most unexpected things can go viral. The app’s sound system means that anything from beautifully produced soundscapes to out-of-context lines from another video can become the next big thing, quickly sweeping across the website as it does. 

Of course, this means that users may suddenly see a trend take over their homepage without knowing what it means or why people are suddenly posting it so much. 

And nowhere is this better seen than with the currently viral “whatever Daddy wants, Daddy gets” TikTok sound. 

What is the “Whatever Daddy Wants, Daddy, Gets” Sound? 

The sound consists of someone with a deep voice and a heavy American accent saying: “Whatever Daddy wants. Daddy gets,” twice, the voice getting deeper each time. Then the voice gets even lower and says: “Whatever Daddy wants,” one final time. 

What is the origin of the “Whatever Daddy Wants, Daddy Gets” Sound? 

The sound originated in a video made by user Rulatha4th. The video was posted in late April 2022. This video shows Rulatha4th showing off their voice acting chops as they perform along with the statement. 

Interestingly, this video features slightly more dialogue than the viral sound. The video sees Rulatha4th saying: 

“Whatever Daddy wants, Daddy gets. Whatever Daddy wants, Daddy gets. Whatever Daddy wants, that’s exactly what Daddy gets. Alright, alright!”

The video quickly went viral and racked up over 17,000 comments and 720,000 likes. 

People quickly started using the sound for their own videos, putting fun twists on the original sound. In fact, currently, 3586 videos have been created using the sound, meaning that it’s likely to go super viral in the coming days. 

One of the most popular videos using the phrase was made by okcron. This video features the caption “POV: You walk past the band kids who are dating each other.” The clip shows okcron moving through a green-screened hallway. Whenever the talking starts, the video cuts to the famous viral image of someone wearing several brass instruments. This video has over 188,000 likes and over 1600 comments. 


Always some tomfoolery going on in the band room.. IC: @NOT COOKIE 🦹🏻‍♂️ #fyp #band #bandkids #school #funny #epic #meme #yeet #viral

♬ original sound – RULA

Another popular video created by mateen2wavyy uses a similar setup. Captioned “POV: U sit by the senior & freshman couple on the bus.” This video sees mateen2wavyy on a green-screened bus reacting to the sound as it plays. This video has over 216,000 likes and over 4000 comments, showing how the sound is quickly growing. 


@teen2wavyy #2wavyyshi nah cuz bro got a full grown beard messin w the girl who still got a hello kitty backpack 😭😭😭 this bus is crazy 🤨😭 #fypシ #foryoupage #SearchForWonderMom #school #viral #totinos425 #minnesota

♬ original sound – RULA

However, this isn’t the only thing the sound is being used for. Some use the sound for other video types, including capybarasexual, who uses the sound to show off a very smug-looking capybara. 

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