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When is TikToker Bryce Hall returning to boxing and who could he fight?

"I'm coming back baby."

Bryce Hall - boxing
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Bryce Hall intends to make a return to boxing despite his sound defeat at the hands of YouTuber Austin McBroom in 2021.

The 22-year-old TikToker is still new to boxing, but like so many social media stars before him — including the Paul brothers, KSI, and Faze Jarvis — he is using the sport to expand his reach and stir up headlines. His first ever match ended in defeat last summer, but that doesn’t seem to have dissuaded Hall. He announced his intent to return to boxing in a mid-May tweet, noting that he is “coming back baby” and teasing that another match will occur this summer.

The exact timeline is rather hazy, unfortunately, leaving fans of the TikToker-turned-boxer without any hard dates. Without an official event — like last year’s YouTubers vs. TikTokers — fans are also proposing theories about who he may face off against. He’s not experienced enough to face off against Jake Paul or even AnEsonGib, but Hall seems determined to keep one foot in the ring.

When is Bryce Hall returning to boxing?

Bryce Hall
Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

A precise timeline has yet to be announced, but that isn’t stopping fans from speculating about when the next Hall match will occur. Several matches with social media stars in the spotlight are set to occur near the end of summer 2022, indicating that perhaps Hall will be included in the lineup. Fans are predicting that he may be included in the roster of several announced fights, including one involving Jake Paul and another involving KSI, according to Dexerto. While it seems unlikely that the still-inexperienced Hall will face off against either of these more capable fighters, he may serve as an opening — or closing — act for either of their August events.

Without concrete confirmation, fans are left to speculate as to the exact timeline for Hall’s fight. Even the definition of summer is rather hazy, with the season’s start and end considered differently in different areas of the world. It seems likely that Hall will take to the ring before September comes to an end, however, leaving fans with only a few months to wait.

Who might he fight?

Hall’s most likely opponent — or opponents, in this case — could be the Island Boys, a pair of spiky-haired twins who blasted onto the social scene in 2021 with a questionable song and heaps of confidence. The pair of Florida rappers have been backseat social media stars ever since, failing to rise to the prominence of the Pauls, Addison Rae, or even Hall himself, but maintaining a steady fanbase and name — and certainly hair — recognition.

Hall and the Island Boys have been engaged in an ongoing back-and-forth on social media, where they’ve teased that a fight could be in their future. Fans are predicting, thanks in large part to a late April blog from Hall, that the trio will face off at some point this summer.

Hall confirmed, via the blog posted to his YouTube page, that the “Island Boys finally accepted my offer to fight in a boxing match, 2 v 1,” Hall said. He went on to note that the pair’s prominence was quickly fading, and predicted that they agreed to the fight in hopes of staying relevant.

Joking that “knocking out the Island Boys would go farther than my career, honestly,” Hall noted that “the Island Boys are fucked.” A two vs. one match would be a challenge for any fighter, regardless of skill level, which should make the fight interesting, if nothing else.

Another potential match-up comes in the form of Deji, KSI’s younger brother. The young YouTuber has yet to win a match — like Hall — and remains one of the less-experienced boxers among his social media bretheren, making him an excellent potential pair-up with Hall. Hall’s defeat last year left him with no wins to his name — a situation Deji has been in for some time now — and a match between the two would guarantee that at least one of the young stars could finally cinch a victory.

There are several other possibilities, including the elder Paul — who likewise has yet to win a match — or Vinnie Hacker, if fighters shed the “YouTube vs. TikTok” restrictions that currently limit their options. The two would likely be well-paired, in large part due to their inexperience, were they to face off in the ring.

There’s no concrete news on when Hall will fight or who he will face off against, but fans are eagerly awaiting more news. We will update this article when more information becomes available.

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