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Who is stormigee on TikTok and what is she best known for?

A new TikTok creator is on the rise, thanks to consistent uploads featuring @stormigee as an adult version of Dora the Explorer.

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A new star is on the rise on TikTok in the form of stormigee, a perky creator who’s been raking in new viewers.

The young creator delights in donning slinky outfits for a goofy skit, poking fun at everyone from Pokémon trainers to Dora the Explorer and characters from the Mario franchise, and her fans love her for it. A typical video on stormigee’s TikTok account rakes in 500,000 views at a minimum, while her most popular videos garner view counts in the millions.

Over the course of a few hundred videos, stormigee has built up an enviable following on both TikTok and Instagram. On Instagram, her follower count is in the tens of thousands, but her TikTok follower count vastly surpasses this meager number. She has more than 3 million followers on the video-sharing platform, all of whom collect on her page to enjoy stormigee’s unique approach to comedy.

Who is stormigee?


Stormigee ventures into familiar territory with most of her TikTok uploads, which see her lean on geek culture for comedy while dressed in skintight, revealing attire. Her collection of skimpy costumes serves her well, as stormigee pairs her talent for goofy skits with her inarguable sex appeal.

Makeup is a big part of stormigee’s brand. Her impeccable makeup features in every one of her TikTok videos and often garners questions from fans. She prefers to focus on the real aim behind her channel, however: skit videos.

What is she best known for?

Stormigee is arguably best known for her comedy skits as “Whora,” a slutty, flouncing adult take on Dora the Explorer. One of her early viral videos saw the creator don a pink top and orange hot pants for an “adventure to find Plan B.” Mimicking the speech patterns of the children’s television character, stormigee introduced her fans to what would become one of her most popular characters. The years since that first “Whora” video went viral have seen the character reappear on a number of occasions, as she seeks out condoms, a sugar daddy, a pregnancy test, and even lip injections.

Stormigee’s “Whora” videos are largely her most popular uploads, but in recent months some of her other characters — like Princess Peach from Mario and Daphne from Scooby Doo — have benefitted from Whora’s popularity, becoming favorites in their own right.

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