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‘You’re genuinely an angel on Earth’: Good Samaritan performs an early Christmas miracle after finding a lost cat in an airport

Finders keepers!

Screengrabs via @Ebs982 on TikTok

Traveling can be stressful no matter where you’re going or who you’re traveling with. Whether it be international or domestic, making sure you have everything you need, aren’t running behind, and make it to the right gate can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially if you’re traveling with kids or pets. This viral TikTok proves the natural consequences of hectic travel with a pet that’s been left behind in the chaos.

While waiting at her gate in an airport, a woman came across a lonely cat seemingly left behind by her owner. She decided to pick the squirmy, nervous cat up and care for it while hoping that the owner would come back to the gate and be reunited with their cat. She even posted a video with footage of the cat and information about what gate at which she was located.


A pet owner’s worse nightmare. Someone’s cat escaped at the airport. Kitty was squirmy and scared. #lostcat #catdistributionsystem #airportcat

♬ original sound – Ebonee

Viewers were more than happy to boost the video, hoping the runaway cat would soon be reunited with her owner. Many commenters praised the woman for keeping the cat safe and comforted while she waited for the owner to return. Apparently, this is a fairly common issue, as others shared stories of their own escape artist cats who tried to run away at the airport.

Most people were concerned that there wasn’t a better system for keeping track of pets at the airport. They suggested everything from airport-issued microchips to little boarding passes for animal collars.

Luckily, she let airport staff know about the lonely kitty and they made an announcement that allowed the scaredy-cat to be reunited with her owner. The woman posted an update to reassure concerned viewers that the feline had made it back to her vacation destination.


Replying to @ljroseonline Here’s my update from later that day.

♬ original sound – Ebonee

She shared with her audience that she had scooped the cat up on a moving walkway and alerted the gate agent about the rogue kitty. The owner arrived about fifteen minutes later to pick up her cat, and the TikToker was given food and drink vouchers for being a kitten-saving hero. She even said that losing her own cat in an airport was one of her biggest fears too, so she was more than happy to help.

Clearly, traveling with a cat is a risky business. According to Daily Paws, every airline has different expectations when it comes to pet carriers and their dimensions, as well as cost requirements for flying with an animal. It can cost up to $125 per flight to bring your cat with you, and that’s if you don’t spend emotional energy losing it in the airport first. Go Pet Friendly recommends getting a microchip and ensuring that your cat is up to date on vaccinations for a (hopefully) hassle-free flight.

If you do have kitty trouble on a travel day, at least you have peace of mind knowing there are good samaritans that will keep your cat comforted, calm, and in one place until you retrieve it.

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