The Bears “Drop” One To The Chiefs 10-3

That was about as ugly of a loss that I can remember seeing.  And before you ask, yes, I did witness the Wannstedt years.  The worst thing was that it was a loss that didn’t have to happen, because the Bears left a couple touchdowns out there.  The first one they left was due to Marion Barber not being lined up on the line of scrimmage.  I can begrudgingly give the tail back a pass on that one.

But as a professional football player, who I’m sure heard; “Be sure when you split out wide you make sure you are lined up on the line of scrimmage.”, every single time they practiced the play, he has to know better.  OK, so maybe I’m not ready to give him a pass.  But that second TD that literally slipped through their fingers was unconscionable.  Roy Williams dropped another ball.

It was a game where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, but the Williams drop not only was a failed chance to score, his bobbled ball directly led to a Chiefs interception.  The $1.5 million dollar question is, why is Roy Williams still employed?  If the Broncos can cut Kyle Orton… If the Vikings can cut Donovan McNabb… And more relevant, if the Bears can cut Chris Harris… Then why can’t they cut Roy Williams?

I was merely unhappy with the drop at first.  It was a crucial mistake, in a season of blunders for the former 1st round draft pick, but I wasn’t as livid as I was after seeing his quote on the subject.  From the Chicago Tribune (the bold is mine);

“When I came around the linebacker, I didn’t see the ball until late,” Williams said. “I just tried to put my hands up. There was no way I could knock it down or anything else. I had a linebacker right in my face. When I came around him, all I saw was a big brown thing coming in front of me. I just tried to stop it.

If I were running the Chicago Bears, I would have went directly to Williams and cut his sorry ass.  “…all I saw was a big brown thing coming in front of me. I just tried to stop it.”  Tried to stop it?  Tried to stop the “big brown thing”.  You mean the football?  You’re not paid to stop it, you’re paid to CATCH IT.  You’re fired.