The 100 Review: “Contents Under Pressure” (Season 1, Episode 7)


The CW has auditioned a lot of shows over the past few years. Some of them stuck, but most, sadly, never found their niche audience. The 100 doesn’t fall into that category, however. Although it started off a little shaky (as most series do), 0ver the last seven episodes, the writers have continued to offer fans something to look forward to, and with that, a reason to keep watching, creating the foundation for the 100 to not only survive on the screen, but off it as well.

The 100 once again throws you head first into a thick layer of emotion in this week’s episode, “Contents Under Pressure.” Tension on both the Ark and on the ground have reached a breaking point as Raven (Lindsey Morgan) establishes contact with the Ark, shattering the illusion that the recent sacrifice of lives was a necessity. Fuelled by desperation as a hurricane brews outside and Finn’s (Thomas McDonell) life lays in the balance, this common thread creates a notable predicament for Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Raven, who have fallen into an uncomfortable alliance, one of many that The 100 has established.

The most compelling alliance thus far is also the one that seems to be flying the farthest under the radar. Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley), who have been involved in a power struggle since the drop ship landed on Earth, have repeatedly turned to each other for validation. Circumstances have allowed for this camaraderie to go unnoticed at crucial junctures. And, in the absence of judgement and equally devastating peer pressure, they’ve been able to share some rather personal moments without the watchful eye of any of Bellamy’s followers, or likewise, Clarke’s admirers.

Bellamy may have taken up the position as unofficial leader, but his reign has not been without its unique set of problems. Many of which have been solved through his healthy appreciation for Clarke’s medical skills, while the rest to revolve around an unspoken faith in her perspective. This obviously isn’t always the case, but even in the midst of making decisions with somewhat tragic consequences, Clarke’s council has come into play. Although sometimes Clarke can be a little on the abrasive side and Bellamy contrastingly on the unreasonable side, they seem to bounce around between standing their respective ground and falling victim of the other one’s sway.

On tonight’s episode, Bellamy proves this point once again – he looks to Clarke for the permission to beat the grounder into giving them the antidote. When everyone else’s opinion is easily disregarded, most especially Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos), there’s something about their growing connection that makes what Clarke has to say hold particular merit.