11 New Additions Coming To The Walking Dead Season 9, Including First Deaf Character


The cast of The Walking Dead is going to keep growing in season 9, as it looks like as many as 11 new characters could be joining AMC’s hit zombie drama in its latest run.

By compiling information from leaked photos and reports from the set, Reddit user @LastGreene put together a collage of characters and actors expected to appear when the show returns. From what we understand, these new additions are to be played by folks such as Lauren Ridloff, Gustavo Gomez, John Finn, Zach McGowan, Brett Butler and dancer/choreographer Angel Theory.

Due to some recent news, however, we know one of these educated guesses to be incorrect. That’s because Theory is not playing Connie but rather, the previously mentioned Ridloff is. As reported by TV Line, she’ll be the first deaf character on the show and is described as using “her senses to read people, situations, and trouble.”

Connie will be joined by the rest of her small band of survivors, too, including Magna, Yumiko and Kelly, her boyfriend. Two members of the Kingdom will also be introduced: Marco (Gustavo Gomez) and Ken (played by an unknown actor glimpsed on horseback on set).

John Finn is probably playing Earl Sutton, the resident blacksmith at Alexandria who, in the comics, made Rick’s prosthetic arm, and another new addition is Jed, a character original to the TV show. Finally, Herschel Jr., Maggie and the late Glenn’s baby, will finally be born.

The image above suggests that McGowan could be playing Jed, but ComicBook.com has a theory that he could be portraying Beta instead, as his stocky build brings to mind the hulking henchman of Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers who are expected to make their TV debut in season 9.

Regardless, all this fresh blood will likely be needed as so many long-running characters have vacated the show of late. Last year’s cullings included Carl Grimes and Morgan Jones, who switched to Fear the Walking Dead. This season, meanwhile, Andrew Lincoln looks to be saying goodbye to Rick Grimes after a handful of episodes and as such, it seems like we could be in for a significantly revamped Walking Dead when it returns this fall.