Looks Like The Walking Dead’s Maggie Has Finally Had Her Baby


If there’s one issue that’s plagued the last few seasons of The Walking Dead, it’s that the audience has very little concept of the time that’s passed for our characters. Case in point: the long-suffering Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohen), who’s seemingly omni-pregnant. Well, until now, that is.

The season 6 premiere revealed that Maggie was with child and by the time that season 8’s war against the Saviors came to a climax, she wasn’t so much as a little queasy in the morning, nevermind showing a baby bump. The first official promo image for the upcoming run though, which can be seen below, reveals that quite a bit of time has passed since season 8’s conclusion, in what appears to match The Walking Dead comics in terms of a time jump.

It’s all in the hair, you see. Rick’s gone full-on beard again but now with a closely-cropped cut. There’s still the issue of Michonne’s unconvincing bandana/dreadlock combo, but Maggie’s hair is noticeably longer here, with her showing no sign of any baby weight, which can only mean that she’s gone and given birth already. Congrats!

If the show keeps in line with the source material, then little Hershel (aww) was delivered during the time jump and we’ll hopefully be back to business in no time. Although you’d expect children to not cope particularly well during a zombie apocalypse, the idea of another baby in the fold isn’t that appealing.

Apart from emphasizing Maggie’s struggle, Lil’ Herschel will probably go down the route of Rick’s other child, Judith. That is, he’ll always be with a random babysitter character and only mentioned in passing when someone remembers he needs changing. Parenting…you’re doing it wrong.

The Walking Dead returns to our screens this October and we should learn more about what AMC has planned later this month at Comic-Con.