13 Reasons Why Continues To Dominate Netflix’s Charts

13 Reasons Why

The last season of the original high school drama 13 Reasons Why arrived on Netflix last week, and it’s safe to say that subscribers were eagerly awaiting the final chapter of this emotionally-taxing story. If they weren’t, after all, the show would not have been able to beat competitors like Space Force and Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich to become the most-watched bit of content the streamer has to offer.

Perhaps because the coronavirus-induced quarantine rendered us a little more bored than usual, people have become increasingly interested in what others are watching on Netflix. For that reason, the streaming service has taken to updating its Top 10 list every day to reveal which shows attract the most viewers.

The fact that 13 Reason Why found itself at the top of this list – and still does – should hardly come as a surprise. One of the first originals the streamer ever produced, it filled a hole left behind by other high school dramas such as Gossip Girl and Skins, yet also gave their familiar formula a more melodramatic edge.

13 Reasons Why

Whether that twist was good or bad depends on the person you’re asking. Unlike these previously-mentioned programs, which tended to be more lighthearted at the end of the day, 13 Reasons Why presents a darker take on teenage life in modern America, one in which its suicide-centered plot is based on our ever-changing perception of mental illness.

Younger fans of the series will tell you they appreciate its emotional depth which, being rather shallow in actuality, speaks strongly to viewers with less life experience. The more seasoned ones, meanwhile, who’ve watched films and series that offer subtler, richer takes on this topic, might still say they enjoy the show, but in the same way one enjoys Jersey Shore.

Anyway, tell us, are you excited to see 13 Reasons Why come to its conclusion? Let us know in the comments below!