2 Broke Girls Fall TV Preview

2 Broke Girls is one of two new sitcoms this Fall with comedian Whitney Cummings attached. Cummings will not have a direct role on Two Broke Girls, as she will be tied down with her own, self-titled sitcom, Whitney. Nevertheless, fans of Whitney will sense her influence in the sneak peek embedded below.

2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings as Max, a no nonsense New York waitress whose goal is to own her own shop someday. For now, she’s broke and waiting tables in a crummy diner. Max’s work life is upended when her boss, Han (Matthew Moy) insists on hiring another waitress.

The new girl, Caroline (newcomer Beth Behrs), is a former trust fund baby whose father pulled a Bernie Madoff and left his family completely broke after he went to prison. Caroline is a disaster as a waitress but she turns out to be a good friend to Max and the two move in together and make plans to help get each other on their feet.

2 Broke Girls co-stars Matthew Moy as the diner owner, Garrett Morris of SNL fame as a co-worker and Jonathan Kite as the diner’s head cook.

Guest stars so far? There is only one announced; former Melrose Place star Nick Zano will join 2 Broke Girls for a significant arc as Max’s love interest.

Early reviews on 2 Broke Girls are hard to come by but TVLine’s Michael Ausiello admitted being a fan when he interviewed Dennings and Behr at Comic Con earlier this year. And, in what may or may not be a good sign depending on your feelings about TV development executives, the Wall Street Journal reports that the pilot script sparked a bidding war among the networks.

I am a huge fan of Kat Dennings and would watch her in just about anything. That said, I am not all that enamored of the preview that I’ve seen. The clip below has a few awkward jokes (hipsters are the target du jour lately, becoming a very easy target) and some unnecessary boundary pushing for the so called ‘family hour.’

My reservations aside, 2 Broke Girls has a cozy spot on the CBS schedule between How I Met Your Mother and the new Two and a Half Men, a spot that should guarantee early success. Sustaining that success will be the question.

2 Broke Girls premieres on CBS on Monday, September 19th at a special time, 9:30 ET, 8:30 CT, following Two and a Half Men. The series will move to its regular time, 8:30 Pm ET, 7:30 Am CT, on Monday, September 26th.

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