Kiefer Sutherland Confirms That He Won’t Return As Jack Bauer In 24


Well, it sounds like we should probably forget about that 24 movie ever happening. After playing Jack Bauer over the course of eight seasons, a TV movie and a mini-series, Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed in a new interview that he’s finally moving on from the role.

After stating that he has no plays to “return in any way” to the series (which is rumoured to be undergoing a reboot with a new lead in the near future), the actor added:

“24 is definitely over now for me. It’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given as an actor, but it’s moving on without me. I want to do other things.”

This is frustrating for fans, because like season eight of the hit Fox drama, 24: Live Another Day did not end in a satisfying manner. Those hoping that another series or even the long rumoured big screen continuation would offer a resolution to Jack’s story are obviously going to be feeling extremely disappointed based on the actor’s comments here.

It could be that Fox decided that a reboot is the best direction for the franchise, or that Sutherland is genuinely ready to move on from 24, or both, but the actor is at least open to returning to television:

“I want to do more television. My experience of 24 was unbelievable, but the main benefit was that it was nice to do something that people actually watched, and that they enjoyed. You have to take your time though to find something like [24] — and that means you have to work less. So I’ll be waiting for something that’s worth it, with the potential for the kind of audience access that 24 had.”

Tell us, are you disappointed with 24 being wrapped up in this way? Let us know your thoughts below!