10 Things You Need To Know Before Daredevil Season Two


Daredevil season two is almost upon us!

Despite the popularity of Marvel’s output of films as well as strong competition in the television department, season one of Daredevil is surely the most critically-acclaimed instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – renowned for its strong characters, astonishing action scenes and taut drama.


On Friday, the excitement kicks off again as season two is dumped on Netflix in one go for us to binge watch. But what do we know about it so far? Well, it is common knowledge that it will introduce two fan-favourite, but previously screwed-up on the big screen, characters – namely, Matt’s assassin girlfriend Elektra and anti-hero The Punisher. Apart from that, what else should we expect? Allow us to tell you.

Spoilerphobes, at ease – there will be no discussion of specifics here at all, just hints at what you can expect from the new season. With that in mind, here is our primer for Daredevil season two…