A certain scene in the ‘Peacemaker’ finale has fans in stitches

Image via HBO Max/Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains full spoilers for the Peacemaker season finale.

Peacemaker has been surprising fans since the beginning. When it was first announced that John Cena’s ultra-violent pacifist was getting his own TV show — the very first DCEU series to boot — folks were mystified, but as soon as we got to see it, it was clear creator James Gunn had made something special. Eight weeks on and Peacemaker has now wrapped up its debut season with aplomb — and, of course, another huge surprise.

Episode 1×08 “It’s Cow or Never”, sees Christopher Smith and his team face off against the alien butterflies one last time in a bid to stop them from taking over the planet. Yes, in a world in which multiple god-level superheroes exist, it was up to a bunch of non-powered black-ops operatives to save the day. Except, they would’ve had some extra help if a certain group of costumed crime-fighters had been more punctual.

Spoilers incoming!

Yup, in a truly jaw-dropping yet hilarious sequence, the Justice League arrives on the scene in the wake of Team Peacemaker dealing with the situation. As Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman make a grand superhero landing, Peacemaker tells them “You’re late, you f***in’ d***heads!”, before telling Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry to “go f*** another fish, a**hole!” Aquaman then admits he’s sick of that rumor, before Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen jokes that it’s not a rumor. “F*** you, Barry,” Arthur snaps.

The fact that the actual Justice League showed up, with Momoa and Miller reprising their roles, and then to have them get so foul-mouthed, has well and truly sent fans to DC heaven.

The perfect way to end the season.

The best comic book show of all time? Maybe.

It’s gotta be one of the best ever DCEU moments for sure.

Or is it the single greatest moment in DC history?

Kudos to Gunn for cleverly fooling us into thinking all four League members were stand-ins, before having Cena walk right by Jason Momoa.

Cyborg and Batman being there is the only thing that would’ve made the scene cooler.

Peacemaker season one is now streaming in full on HBO Max.