A fan-favorite ‘iCarly’ location will return in season 2 of the new series

Image via Paramount Plus

Things are looking even more familiar than before on the set of the iCarly revival series. A recent picture on Paramount Plus’ official Twitter account feature a garishly painted set that will be immediately recognized by the millennial fans of the original series. The Groovy Smoothie has returned.

The familiar Jamba Juice knock-off was a familiar hangout for Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove, her older brother Spencer, portrayed by Jerry Trainor, and Freddie Benson, played by Nathan Kress, all of whom have returned for the refitted series. The Groovy Smoothie didn’t show up until the second season of iCarly version one, so it’s fitting that it’s making its version 2.0 debut in the second season as well.

The new iCarly may have waited for its second season green light to dust off the old set, but now that fans and critics alike have given the revival the thumbs up, it was probably inevitable that the old hang-out would show up again. Carly and Spence have moved back into their old apartment building, and the Groovy Smoothie is just around the way.

However, it looks as if the old place has seen better days. Trailers for the upcoming episode “Shay What!” seem to show the shop has fallen into disrepair over the years and has closed down. However, Behind the scenes photos heavily imply the shop will be up and running, in some form or another, in the new season. Whether it becomes the next generation hangout for the revival, fans will just have to watch and see.