A ‘Hawkeye’ fan 3D printed their own version of the USB arrow

by Keane Eacobellis

Disney+ is gearing up to air its fourth episode of the latest Marvel series to join the streaming service Hawkeye and one fan has got into the spirit by crafting their own functional prop from the show.

In Hawkeye episode three, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are on the run from the Tracksuits when Kate lays down fire upon them with various trick arrows. These included Putty Arrows, Explosion Arrows, Octo Arrows, and Acid Arrows. However, the most unique arrow, a USB arrow, is only a comedic bit.

This unique weapon is similar to other arrows but with a USB at its tip. While it may be useful in some situations, it wasn’t so helpful for Kate at that time in the show. However, one Reddit user has showcased it can be useful after 3D printing their own version from the show.

This 3D-printed arrow is on full display in a clip as the creator appears to use a compound bow to fire the device straight into a laptop port. If the clip is as it seems, the shot landing in the port would be more impressive than creating the device itself. However, there is clearly some clever camerawork at play. Pointing a bow and arrow at a laptop is a feat of bravery, though.

It isn’t clear what use this has for Hawkeye in the show, and perhaps we’ll find out more on this unique weapon in a future episode.