A mistake in Marvel’s new ‘Hawkeye’ series goes viral

Sometimes, an extremely minor mistake in a movie or film gets caught by fans and goes absolutely viral. While it can be something about serious continuity concerns, it can also be as innocuous as referencing the wrong box of Legos in Spider-Man.

This time, a fan took aim at Marvel’s new Hawkeye series. While it’s not exactly important, there’s no way fans of the iconic BLÅHAJ from Ikea could let the issue slide. Fans of the plushie shark recently went wild over rumors that the plushie would be discontinued. Now they’ve come out in force to point out just how dark of a timeline the MCU must be in for BLÅHAJ to be released two years early.

The post got over seven thousand upvotes and over two hundred comments as people were both in awe of the user’s keen eyes and flabbergasted that anyone would know such a specific fact.

Thankfully, the user in question answered, letting everyone know that they are Swedish and love the memes surrounding BLÅHAJ online.

It seems there may be other mistakes in “Ikea lore” within the show as well. After one user pointed out how she has a Kallax shelf, another shared how it wasn’t for sale until 2014.

The worst part? This major mistake makes the new show “literally unwatchable” according to one fan, which we are sure is said in jest.

However, in an ironic twist of fate, another user proved this may not have actually been a mistake at all with help from the Wayback Machine.

Have you been enjoying Hawkeye so far? Did you happen to notice the most famous shark on the internet in the show at all? Tell us in the comments!