A New Netflix Show Is Already Drowning In Controversy Leaving Viewers Angry

It’s rare that a show releases on Netflix and in just a few days is marred with controversy but it seems the company got “lucky” and had it happen this time. While it currently is at least holding a 60% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, it won’t do Chicago Party Aunt much good if most users on the platform come to hate the show before giving it a chance.

It was released on Netflix on September 17th and didn’t really get much buzz among viewers until some clever Twitter users started to point out some issues with the story of how and why the show was created.

The show claimed to be based on the Chicago Party Aunt account on Twitter which turns out to not even be run by a woman at all but by a 38 male writer that works for Netflix. What’s even worse? He doesn’t even live in Chicago, instead taking up residence in L.A. In fact, the character isn’t even based on a real woman the writer knows.

Chris Witaske was revealed as the mind behind the show a bit ago but it seems the information is only getting out to most of the general public now. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Witaske said,

“I thought it would be a great character to churn out jokes on Twitter — to put everything through her point of view — and it turns out I was right, because people really connected with it.”

Now those with Netflix accounts are taking to Twitter to voice their complaints about the show.

With Chicago Party Aunt not even breaking the top 70 most popular shows on the entire platform, it will be interesting to see if this new Netflix original show ends up being dragged down even further by this controversy.