A Show For Preschoolers Is Outranking Marvel’s What If…? On Disney+

Marvel's What If...?

It might be hard to believe, but one of Marvel’s biggest series is being beaten out by a show for children ages two to four years old. Marvel’s What If…? has been massively popular on Disney+ but has never quite been able to take the number one spot for most popular, with The Simpsons being too big of a behemoth to push out of the way.

However, the show is currently being edged out by a famous kids’ show starring a family of Australian dogs. It’s previously beaten out Loki in terms of popularity in the past, and now it’s taken down a second Marvel juggernaut. All hail our new adorable overlord — Bluey!

The show is about the adventures of an anthropomorphic six-year-old blue heeler named Bluey and her family. It’s been popular ever since it came out back in 2018 and it’s easy to see why — the show is such wholesome fun that even some adults have said they put it on as relaxing background noise.

Bluey is a perfect example of how sometimes, even a small dog like Ludo Studios can beat a bigger dog like Marvel Studios in a fight. No matter how many people love Marvel movies, it’s impossible to deny the younger fanbase that Disney has fostered over the years is still a major factor in what gets added to Disney+.