This Preschool Show Is More Popular Than Loki On Disney+

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Image: Marvel / Disney

With the massive success of Marvel’s Loki on Disney+ it may come as shock to hear a children’s show overtook it in popularity on the platform. According to streaming stats, Australian children’s show Bluey has not only been streamed more total times than Loki, but overtook it in popularity this month.

The show, featuring an anthropomorphic six-year-old blue heeler named Bluey and her family has been popular ever since its release in 2018. Still, to see something created by a small company like Ludo Studio overtake a media giant like Marvel Studios is something to behold.

While neither show can take on the kinds of stats that The Simpsons provides, it is interesting to see this show for extremely younger audiences do so well. With other major shows like Monsters at Work and Star Wars: The Bad Batch trailing vastly behind Bluey, it’s worth considering if this shows Disney’s current release strategy might not be as strong as they think.

Source: FlixPatrol