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A throwaway ‘Andor’ reference has fans struggling to imagine Palpatine working a 9-5

Unliiiiimited memos!!!

Does Palpatine appear in Andor?
Photo via Lucasfilm

This week’s Andor finally teased the arrival of the most powerful individual in the galaxy. Emperor Palpatine is riding high at the time the show is set, having achieved his goal of eradicating the Jedi, ruling every system under an iron fist, and having no clear rivals to defeat.

So, what does an all-powerful galactic overlord do all day? Well, it sounds like he’s getting his head down and engaging with paperwork, meetings, and the minutia of life as an Imperial ruler. ISB head Wullf Yularen said he’d met with Palpatine to discuss the Aldhani heist and it seems the Emperor will be making a speech confirming the new crackdowns to the Imperial Senate.

But Star Wars are having trouble imagining everyone’s favorite Satanic space grandpa chairing a meeting:

Replies point out that Palpatine doesn’t meet with just any Imperial bozo, and that Yularen is one of the few commanders permitted to talk with without an intermediary:

Others point out that Palpatine has spent his entire working life as a politician, so these kinds of meetings wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary for him:

Maybe it works best to picture this as a spooky evil meeting?

Others say that the heist is exactly the kind of thing Palpatine would be worried about. His priorities are Dark Side Sith stuff and he’d prefer the Empire to run itself as much as possible. But messing with the cashflow? That’s a problem you want to nip in the bud right away.

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