Actor Explains How Scooby-Doo Audition Led To Role On Peacemaker

Photo via HBO

You never know what seeds you plant today will bring fruit to you on down the road, as evidenced by actor Lochlyn Munro’s story about how he landed a role on HBO Max’s upcoming DC series Peacemaker, a spinoff of James Gunn’s critically acclaimed 2021 film, The Suicide Squad.

The story, which was discussed on the Dave and Creech Show podcast and shared on social media, traces its roots to the 2002 Gunn-penned Scooby-Doo movie.

Munro explained that Gunn remembered him auditioning for the role of Shaggy in the movie, becoming one of the finalists for the role.

Though Munro proved he can still pull off a pretty great impression of the green-shirted hippy, he ultimately conceded the person who did end up nabbing the role, Matthew Lillard, was probably the right choice.

“Obviously Lillard was the perfect choice for that character but that’s kind of how he just went ‘oh yeah, I want to Lochlyn in this because I remember he was one of my choices for Scooby Doo,'” Munro said. “Twenty years later, bro. Isn’t that weird?”

According to IMDB, Munro will play Larry Fitzgibbon in the show.

The show stars John Cena as the titular Peacemaker, who in The Suicide Squad is an amusingly psychotic character so obsessed with his mission of achieving peace that he’s willing to cut down any man, woman, or child that gets in his way.

Gunn specifically picked Peacemaker to do a spin-off show, saying we didn’t get as deep of a look at the character in the film as some of the other Suicide Squad members.

Peacemaker will be premiering on HBO Max in Jan. 2022.