Actress confirms she hasn’t heard from Marvel for ‘Loki’ return

Voice actress Tara Strong, who voiced in everything from My Little Pony to Mortal Kombat, told Murphy’s Multiverse in an interview that she has yet to hear from Marvel about returning to the Miss Minutes role in Loki.

Miss Minutes is the cute mascot of the definitely not sinister Time Variance Authority. She pops up in the heads-up display, the computers, signage, and pretty much everything in the TVA office and equipment. She was a scene-stealing character and even had fan theories about who she was.

Miss Minutes (Image: Marvel)

Strong is counting down the minutes until she gets a phone call from Marvel.

Oh, I hope so. You know, Kate Herron, who directed it, said she would like to do like a feature based on her [Miss Minutes] on Twitter, and I’m like: ‘Oh, I’m in for that!’ I haven’t been notified yet but I certainly hope so and the fans seem to have embraced her and fallen in love with her. So, I feel pretty good about that and I would definitely come back and reprise that role if asked.

With the end of Loki causing a multiversal convergence and the potential impending doom of all timelines, it’d be hard not to see another reality in which Miss Minutes can’t show up. But, maybe she can show up as the Big Brother-esque leader of another alternate reality? Maybe she’s Black Widow? Maybe she’s Uncle Ben? So much potential.

Marvel confirmed Loki’s second season back in July. The storyline introduced in the first season of Loki is expected to run through a series of films, including Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness. Loki season two has no confirmed release date, but fans can assume it’ll likely drop at the earliest in late 2022 or early 2023.