Addams Family Fans Want Christina Ricci In Tim Burton’s New Netflix Series

The Addams Family

We’ve known the project was coming since last Halloween, but this week, Netflix officially announced Wednesday, a live-action Addams Family TV series from Tim Burton.

The Dumbo director is making his television debut with the show, which will focus on the gothic clan’s morose teen daughter as she attends boarding school at Nevermore Academy.  Netflix also unveiled a poster along with the news, featuring Wednesday in silhouette, playing a violin with a butcher’s knife, and you can check it out down below:

No actors are attached yet, but fans of the 1990s Addams Family movies have only one request – that Christina Ricci be involved. Though many actresses have brought Wednesday to gloomy life over the years – most recently, Chloe Grace Moretz voiced her in 2019’s animated reboot – Ricci’s portrayal is easily the most celebrated. And, despite the fact that the show will clearly star a young Wednesday, folks still want the Casper icon on board.

That would work, right?

It needs to happen.


Do it, you cowards.

Ok, now that would’ve been good.

But, as it is, we’d take Ricci cast as Morticia.

Seriously, Ricci as Morticia or bust.

The Addams Family

Netflix describes Wednesday as a “sleuthing supernaturally infused mystery” exploring the teen’s student life, so we’re probably looking at some concoction of Harry Potter and Enola Holmes here. The Addams Family isn’t usually overtly supernatural, either, meaning that adding magic or monsters or whatever they have up their sleeve into the mix will be a twist. This is still an Addams property, though, so despite the focus on Wednesday, we’ll likely meet the rest of the clan, too. Like Gomez, Uncle Fester and Morticia, who’d better be played by Christina Ricci.

With this announcement now having dropped, that may indicate that production is starting soon, which means we can expect some casting news to be on the way. Stay tuned, Addams Family fanatics.